Listening Skills

by Steve Roche

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The success of these business activities depends significantly on the art of good listening. Each of these topics expands on the skills involved in that context. Other useful and related topics include

Questioning Skills

Emotional Intelligence


A practical guide to effective listening

Diane Bone, published by Kogan Page, 1992, 80 pages

The book offers many practical ideas to test and improve listening, including the ‘How Good a Listener Are You’ exercise in this topic.

The seven habits of highly effective people

Stephen Covey, published by Simon & Schuster Ltd, 1999, 384 pages

This book claims that success is about a balance of personal and professional effectiveness. ‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood’ is an essential principle of effective communication – achieved through a combination of empathic listening and powerful questioning.

The inner game of work: overcoming mental obstacles for maximum performance

Timothy Gallwey, published by Texere Publishing, 2003, 256 pages

The ‘inner game’ approach started a revolution in coaching methods, first in sport and then in executive coaching. Gallwey’s Self One/Self Two analysis produces empowering insights. Applying the analogy to work inspires us to relax and trust our true self.

Time to think: listening to ignite the human mind

Nancy Kline, published by Cassell illustrated, 1998, 256 pages

Effective listening is recognised as an essential tool of good management, that can have a powerful impact on working life. This book shows how listening and questioning work together to create a powerful learning environment.


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