by Arielle Essex

What if rapport is impossible?

You may meet people who hold such different values or have such obnoxious attitudes that rapport is simply not possible. Never match unhealthy behaviours. However, because most people express negative emotions for a reason, there are usually ways to get cooperation.

Do your best to identify the trigger for the emotion through observation or asking questions. What has happened to cause the reaction? What is the most appropriate response you can offer?

Clearly identify a common objective you both share and keep your focus anchored to the job at hand. Disregard everything that you find offensive whenever possible. Don’t allow yourself to get hooked. Limit interactions to the minimum. Ensure that you continue to match and honour your own values.

Sometimes, you may feel out of rapport with a whole organisation. Perhaps you feel they don’t live up to their stated values and mission statement. First, establish whether or not your observation is true. If the reality is that their values clash with your own, then you will have to choose whether or not to stay and support them by continuing to work there. Do you want your contribution to endorse their values and end results?