Time Management

by Di McLanachan


Delegation is a key management skill, yet one of the commonest causes of time stress for a manager is the inability to delegate well. If this sounds like you, ask yourself these questions to discover why you are resisting delegating tasks to others:

  • Do I believe it would be quicker/easier to do the task myself?
  • Do I believe that someone else wouldn’t do the task as well as I would do it?
  • Am I concerned that someone else might do the task better than I could have done it?
  • Am I unwilling to let this task go because I enjoy doing it?
  • Do I like to appear overworked as it makes me feel indispensable?
  • Do I believe that I would get an aggressive or negative response from the person to whom I would like to delegate this task?

Your answers to these questions will identify why you are avoiding delegating. Remember that delegation enables you to enjoy many benefits.

  • It frees up your time for priority work.
  • It develops and motivates your people.
  • It utilises other people’s specialist skills
  • It ensures an even spread of work across the team.
  • Things get done quicker by concurrent activity.

For more information on delegation, see the Delegation topic.

Of course, people who can’t delegate also tend to accept other people’s monkeys, especially those that really belong to their staff. Perhaps you need to learn The art of saying ‘no’.