Intuition in Business

by Angela O’Connell and Pat Naylor

Getting a balance

Although the two hemispheres of the brain are separate, there is a link between them and the two sides seem to be complementary. The left side is dominant for language (regardless of whether you are right- or left-handed). The right side infers meaning from words and interprets the emotions from the tone of voice used when speaking.

Once we consciously use whole-brain thinking to reach solutions or generate ideas, we create a balance that ripples through to other areas of our work and lives in general. Spending time consciously encouraging our intuitive and creative skills has made the writers’ lives richer and more fulfilling. We have also noticed this benefit in the people we have met on our workshops. Almost all of them have said that they felt not only more relaxed but also more energised. People who, whether consciously or unconsciously, find something absorbing to do will discover that they generate more ideas of the sort that appear to come from nowhere.

Generating such ideas leads to more options, whether you are making huge life-affecting decisions or merely choosing what to have for dinner.

So, if you have a big decision to make and find that no matter how much you think about it you haven’t found the answer – stop.

Go and do something different – any activity that totally absorbs you. You will find that the answer will come; it may come not immediately and will probably emerge at the most unexpected time, but it will come. The answer is already within you.

The importance of balance

Left to its own devices, our intuitive side will sometimes make creative connections that can be outlandish or unworkable. It is important to weigh up any ideas your intuition gives you with a bit of down-to-earth analysis. Balance is important in making a decision, so if you let your intuition come up with the ideas and then analyse them with some left-brain thinking, you will have the best decision you can make. For example, if your intuition tells you that it would be a good idea to let your workforce have Friday afternoons off, your analytical side might find a way to make this economically feasible through starting them an hour earlier on other days.