Change - Strategic Facilitation

by Tony Mann

Strategic change agenda process

Change Agenda


Degree of Uncertainty


Strategic Process



To implement a new business process to engage with the full range of our customers

Engage the stakeholders in defining the specification for the new IT system


To get the views of what the revised process needs to achieve

Identify the key requirements of the IT program



Workshop 1: 4 hours

Use flow charting to map the business process. Have the different stakeholders, working in all format, place Post-Its to reflect changes needed to the business process.

Add all the changes to a matrix and score each one against

  • Cost
  • Time required
  • Resources
  • Benefit to customer
  • Benefit to us.

Half day workshop with key stakeholders in week 1

Ensure that there is an accurate process map

Invite attendees


Redefine the business process


Define the features of the new process (not the IT, which is a separate project)

Identify the key changes and timescale for the changes

Workshop 2: 5 hours

Get all the stakeholders to identify the key features through user stories:

  • As a...
  • I want...
  • So that...

Take each requirement and map it on a matrix:

  • Timescale
  • Importance
  • Complexity.

Workshop in week 2



Design the implementation of the changes to the business process


Identify the Action Plan

Develop an action plan

Identify the budget and resources required

Identify the key stakeholders

Workshop 3: one day

Presentation from business process manager about the proposed changes to the process

Create the action plan:

  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How
  • Who

Allocate financial budget and resources to each: ‘What’ in a matrix

Create a stakeholder map to identify:

  • Influencers
  • Power balance
  • Flow of resources
  • Key decision makers
  • Flow of information

Workshop in week 4