Personal Energy

by Stuart Harris

Ten reasons to think about energy

If you want to maximise your chances of having an enjoyable and rewarding life, maybe it’s time you started thinking about how you are using your energy. Below are ten reasons why your energy matters to you.

1. Because you’re curious about it

Curiosity and the desire to find out more are among the most powerful energies that you can easily tap into. Some of the most extraordinary discoveries happened because something caught someone’s attention and they started to get curious and get interested.

2. Because it’s a life or death matter!

Literally: it’s energy that makes the difference between living things and non-living things. And it’s also what makes the difference between being able to be more alive and less alive. Your call...

3. Because it’s one of your three basic resources in life

The other two are time and money. Just think of all the things you did when you were younger and had no money, but lots of time and energy. And which things are you not doing now that you are OK for money, but don’t have enough time or energy? Fortunately, you’ll find it takes little time and no money to become aware of energy – and what’s more it can yield a bonus of more time and more money.

4. Because it will enhance your performance

Working, playing sports, partying, dancing or making love are just a few of the performance activities that involve skilful use of energy. The more you can learn to manage your energy, the better you’ll perform. That doesn’t necessarily mean putting more energy into the performance; sometimes, easing back the energy input achieves better results.

5. Because it’s there

This may remind you of what someone said when asked why he climbed Everest. The difference with energy is that it’s not like Everest, which is ‘over there’ in the Himalayas. Energy is much closer to home; it’s literally a vital part of you and everyone else, whether or not you decide to pay attention to it.

6. Because the company’s great

If you think for a moment about the people who you admire, people who catch your imagination – in the public eye, at work or in your private life – the chances are that at least several of them have a magnetic personality. They radiate distinctive energies.

7. Because you’re equipped to pick it up

Granted, you’re more obviously equipped to pick up the usual suspects: light energy (visual), sound energy (auditory), kinetic energy through touch and feel (kinaesthetic) as well as two sorts of chemical energy from smells and tastes (olfactory and gustatory). But it doesn’t take much effort to start developing what’s traditionally called a sixth sense. In fact you’re probably already better at it than you are aware of.

8. Because most people have energy problems

And they all come down to three issues – quantity, quality and balance – for example, feeling run down, feeling out of sorts and feeling fidgety. Becoming more aware of energy will give you more options for tackling the energy problems that most people have at some time in their life.

9. Because it’s good for your health

Some of today’s alternative thinkers on health and wellness reckon that many ailments are energy issues – hence the growing popularity of treatments such as acupuncture, shiatsu massage, reiki and ayurvedic medicine. But you don’t need to get weird or go alternative to start improving your health – just tune in to your energy.

10. Because it can throw a different light on things

You may have had ‘Aha!’ moments – a simple idea suddenly connects to something inside, prompts a flash of insight and opens up new possibilities. Or you may have come across an idea that didn’t immediately seem important, but hung around and gradually grew in you over time. Either way, you have had the experience.

11. Because you think there’s something more

This is not one of the ten reasons, so please read no further if you’re a down-to-earth, by-the-rules, no-time-to-waste, cut-to-the-chase, quick-return-on-investment type.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever marvelled at the amazing skills of martial arts practitioners or wondered at the feats of fakirs, you may be aware that they’re all based on studies of vital energy that go back more than 2000 years. For the Chinese, it’s Chi or Qi (as in Tai Chi), for the Japanese, it’s Ki (as in Aikido), and it’s Prana for yoga fans.