Performance Manage People

by Paula Newton

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Other topics

Appraisals - an essential part of managing performance

Coaching – this will help with coaching of staff to higher performance

Feedback – essential to improving staff performance, is constructive feedback.

Performance Management (Organisational) – to work out how staff objectives fit into the big picture

Goal Setting – to set objectives that will help your team to be successful.

Delegation – good delegation is essential.

Solutions Focus Approach – What has worked well in the past, and let’s do more of it.


Why employees don’t do what they’re supposed to do and what to do about it

Ferdinand Fournies, published by McGraw-Hill, 1999, 167 pages.

This is an excellent book on managing poor performance. It postulates that there are just 16 reasons for poor performance, and what to do about each one, both from a preventative and remedial perspective. It is an easy read with checklists and practical advice.


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