by Anne Laing and Tim Bean

Calorie-busting opportunities! (CBOs)

Constantly look for and seek out calorie-busting opportunities in your daily life – they are to be created and found nearly everywhere. These small opportunities for calorie expenditure are often the beginning of a great physique.

  • Skip or ride a stationary bike while you do things you would normally do during your day, such as watching television or reading the newspaper. This can add 30 to 40 minutes of exercise to your day that would normally be spent sitting on the couch.
  • When parking your car for work, park a mile away and walk quickly to work; this will add ten miles of walking each week.
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator whenever possible. It is usually faster to walk up or down as much as six flights of stairs than waiting and riding the escalator.
  • If taking the escalator, walk the steps when travelling both up and down.
  • Always take stairs two at a time.
  • Standing on the bus or train will burn 30 per cent more calories than if you were sitting.
  • Park your car at the farthest end of the shopping centre, mall or superstore parking lot.
  • Play golf without a cart – be your own caddy!
  • Use a manual/push lawn mower.
  • Walk your dog more often.
  • Keep the TV remote on the TV set.
  • Walk instead of taking your car wherever possible.
  • Get up from the couch or chair as much as possible. Become a fidget.
  • Get more steps in during your day – bring only two bags of groceries into the house at a time.
  • Watch television less as a family and play with your children more often.
  • To spend time with the children and get exercise in at the same time, go to the park to walk and let them play in the infield while you walk. Better yet, encourage the children to walk with you.
  • Keep an extra pair of training shoes at work so you will be more encouraged to walk home instead of taking the car or train.
  • Think of shopping as exercise as well as retail therapy.

A great physique is the ultimate fashion statement which cannot be bought.