Mind Mapping

by Gillian Burn

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Mind Mapping® software

Comprehensive information on the different software options is available on the Illumine website.

Examples include

  • iMindMap™ – available for business and education, provided by Buzan On-Line Ltd
  • NovaMind – Comprehensive Mind Mapping software package
  • Mind Manager® – by Mind Jet® – a leading package with excellent integration with MS® Office suite
  • Mind Genius® – Comprehensive Mind Map® package with emphasis on solutions, provided by Gael Ltd
  • ConceptDraw – CS Odessa, part of a suite of quality graphics products


A selection of books by Tony Buzan, all available via Amazon or Think Buzan.com.

Mind Maps at work

Tony Buzan, published by Plume Books in 2005, 256 pages

This book shows you how to use mind maps at work to help you to think, learn and communicate more effectively; and to help keep you one step ahead of your colleagues. Contains practical tips, exercises and ideas.

The Mind Map book

Tony and Barry Buzan, published by BBC Active in 2006, 328 pages

One of the key text books covering the principles of mind mapping, including the structure of the brain, the many uses of mind maps and showing many examples throughout. The mind map book provides you with the complete software kit for the hardware of the ultimate bio-computer – your brain!

The illustrated Mind Map book

Tony Buzan, published by BBC Active in 2003, 328 pages

A beautifully illustrated book to help you discover the world’s best thinking tool.

Head strong

Tony Buzan (forward by Sir Steve Redgrave), published by Thorsons in 2001, 240 pages

This book focuses on tips and ideas on how to get physically and mentally fit. It also includes some powerful principles to develop your mind/body connection. It has a great section on the structure of the brain and includes exercises and activities to try out with mind map summaries throughout the book.

Head first: ten ways to tap into your natural genius

Tony Buzan, published by Thorsons in 2003, 272 pages

This book covers ideas to help you tap into your natural genius focusing on ideas to increase your intelligence, including your creative, emotional and physical intelligence. Each section includes a mind map summary of the key points and is easy to dip into.

Use your head

Tony Buzan, published by BBC Active in 2006, 168 pages

The first mind mapping book I ever read! A great introduction to mind mapping and including sections on learning how to think and to improve study skills, creative thinking and problem solving to make the best use of your brain and fulfil your mental potential.

The ultimate book of mind maps

Tony Buzan, published by Harper Thorsons in 2006, 256 pages

Illustrated with colour throughout and provides a definitive guide packed full of examples of amazing thinking tools and practical mind map examples.



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