Time Management

by Di McLanachan


If you have trouble getting the most out of your time, think about modelling or copying someone who does it well. Who at work seems to get everything done and still gets to go home at 5:00pm?

  • How do they do that?
  • What strategies do they use?
  • What beliefs do they have about time?
  • Do they work towards outcomes, as suggested on the previous page?
  • Are they good at delegating?
  • Do they know how to set boundaries?
  • How do they start their day?
  • Do they look at problems as challenges?
  • Do they enjoy life?
  • Do they enjoy their work?
  • How do they approach time management?
  • Do they have skills around getting in the right mood?

If you know someone who is an excellent time manager, and approachable, find out more about Modelling and give it a try. It can be quite amazing, and a transforming experience, to find out how someone who is good at something approaches the tasks that you either don’t do so well or actively dislike.