Learning Organisations

by Sharon Varney


The ideas around the learning organisation have offered managers a new way of thinking about how to create high performing organisations and their own role in that process. For many, it has started them on a highly rewarding personal and professional journey.

While the learning organisation is often talked about, it’s not always well understood. This topic offers a concise coverage of the key ideas of those people most associated with the work on learning organisations: Peter Senge from MIT in the US, and Mike Pedlar, John Burgoyne and Tom Boydell in the UK.

Although developing learning organisations can offer real and important benefits, this topic does not suggest that it is a panacea for all ills. Indeed, it draws attention to key criticisms of learning organisations, so that managers can also understand where some of the challenges may lie.

As well as helping managers to develop informed opinions on this key topic, there are also many practical hints, tips and ideas on how to bring the learning organisation concepts to life in their own organisations.