Violence and Agression

by Darren Good and Liz Hudson

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Fear: the friend of exceptional people

Geoff Thompson, published by Summersdale Publishers; New Edition 15 Jul 2001, 176 pages.

Learn to conquer your fears with the guidance of Geoff Thompson, world renowned martial artist. Whatever it is in life that you’re afraid of, from spiders to public speaking, from job interviews to physical combat, Geoff has proven techniques to help you. His unique fear pyramid system will enable you to build confidence stage by stage... before you know it your biggest fears will be overcome.

Dead or alive

Geoff Thompson, published by Summersdale Publishers; New Edition 29 Feb 2004, 253 pages.

This is not simply a step-by-step guide to winning fights. It is also an in-depth study of the criminal mind at work. Interviews with murderers, rapists and muggers reveal why they target certain people for attack, which crimes are opportunistic and which are premeditated. Geoff Thompson uses these interviews and his own unparalleled knowledge of violent encounters to teach simple precautionary measures and to explain what to do when confronted by an attacker.

The fence: the art of protection

Geoff Thompson, published by Summersdale Publishers; 25 Sep 1998, 96 pages.

This unique protection principle, developed and used by Geoff Thompson successfully thousands of times in live situations, is explored in this book in its entirety. It teaches the reader how to be in charge – without the potential assailant realising – from the very first second of an encounter until its culmination. The fence is the most innovative technique to enter the field of protection for many years.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Susan Jeffers, published by Fawcett Books; Reissue Edition 1 Jul 2006, 240 pages.

What is stopping you from being the person you want to be and living your life you want to live it? Fear of tackling an issue with your bosses, fear of getting to grips with a problem in your home. Fear of change. Fear of taking control... Everyone has these fears, and they run throughout our lives. Susan Jeffers’ inspiring and mould-breaking book shows how to break this catch-22 cycle and work through fear. Dr Jeffers simple but profound techniques have inspired thousands to turn their anger into love – and their indecision into action.

The gift of fear: survival signals that protect us from violence

Gavin de Becker, published by Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Reprint Edition 28 Dec 2004, 432 pages.

We all know that there are plenty of reasons to fear people from time to time, but what are those times? In this extraordinary, ground-breaking book, leading expert in violence Gavin de Becker will help you separate real from imagined danger, give you a confidence in a sometimes threatening world, and make your life immeasurably safer

The definitive book of body language: how to read others’ attitudes by their gestures

Allan Pease and Barbara Pease, published by Orion; New Edition 15 Dec 2005, 416 pages.

People’s body language often reveals that what they say is different from what they think or feel. Revealed in this book

  • How to make a positive impression on others
  • How to tell if someone is lying
  • How to get co-operation from other people
  • How to interview and negotiate successfully
  • How to choose a partner.

Managing violence in the workplace

Bill Fox, Charles Polkey and Peter Boatman, published by Tottel Publishing in 2002.

An easy-to-read guide which includes chapters on the nature and extent of the problem, on legislation, the new national occupational standards in managing work-related violence, on developing and implementing policy, on risk assessment and incident-reporting, risk reduction, sections on training and incident management and an extensive examination of the aftermath of violent incidents including post-incident support and post-event learning.



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