Training Delivery

by Terry Wilkinson

Preparation checklist

Trying to remember everything to check before a session can be a difficult task. Here is a handy checklist, which may help.

You may not always need to prepare everything on this checklist for every session. Use only those things that are appropriate to your situation. You may also have other preparation needs of your own to add to this list. It is also worth looking at the Meetings topic for further checklists.

Pre-session checklist


  • Seating
  • Temperature control
  • Light controls


  • Equipment checked
  • Watch or clock
  • Wastebasket


  • Remove telephones
  • Hold messages
  • Refreshments
  • Fire procedures/exits
  • Toilets


  • Trainer’s notes
  • Delegate materials
  • Handouts
  • Visual aids
  • Marker pens
  • Blue tack or masking tape
  • Post-its
  • Name cards
  • Spare notepaper
  • Spare pens/pencils


Consider what the handouts will be used for:

  • Are they for future reference?
  • Are they to be used during the training and then binned?
  • Do they need to fit with other training or information materials?

You will often find that you need to provide some clear notes for future use. These need to be designed so that facts that people need to know can be found easily, even years after the training.

You may well produce some separate course notes that are useful just for the course, with activity briefings and so on.