by Juliet Hancock

Why are values important to managers?

Managers are like the glue in an organisation. Individually they show what is important in their behaviour. They are also judged collectively by their behaviour and actions by the people who work with and for them.

If all managers fundamentally believe their people are the most important part of getting a job done well, then their people will reflect that importance through the delivery of their work. This will directly impact the customer/stakeholder experience.

If, as a manager, you are in touch with your own values about what is important and why, you can make more informed choices about what you do in the workplace and how you do it – and also what you won’t or can’t do.

This will give you more sense of personal control and will directly impact the way you are perceived by others. Your behaviour will be contributing to the style and culture of the organisation and how others in turn behave.

Articulating what is important to you and why, combined with knowing what is important to your team members, will give you more options about how to keep yourself and those who work with you engaged and motivated.

Your reputation as a manager, and that of your organisation, will depend on the way people – your Board, executive leaders, employees and customers alike – see you. If your management style motivates groups of people to do their jobs consistently well, then your pivotal role in the success of the team and the organisation will be seen.