Mind Mapping

by Gillian Burn


Many years ago, when I was training to be a midwife, a very astute tutor showed me how to Mind Map®. The technique helped me with my studying and I used it to pass my exams. Little did the tutor, or even I, know that over 20 years later this would be a technique that I would use every day. It has transformed my personal thinking and learning: how I take notes, how I revise and learn, how I think of ideas and so on.

It is a technique I continue to use within my personal and business life. I have the pleasure of teaching many people, ranging from young children and students to business people juggling the demands of modern business life, how they too can explore the benefits of mind mapping.

The technique can be used effectively in your business and personal life. You will learn how to mind map, the potential uses of this technique and everything you need to get you started on your exciting journey.

Examples are included to provide a visual representation alongside instructions for people who prefer following a list of steps.

The mind map is the next step in the progression from linear (one-dimensional) through lateral (two-dimensional) to radiant or multi-dimensional thinking.

Tony Buzan