by Anne Laing and Tim Bean

It’s never too late

No matter where you are in life or your career and no matter how frenetic your business is, the human system will do whatever you train it to do. If you train and practice mentally, emotionally and physically, you will cope better.

We are all like cars. We all need regular servicing. We all need to be looked after. We all need to have the right fuel. Most importantly, we all need to operate with the handbrake off!

Your body is a sophisticated machine that you’ll work with for life. What will you allocate from your budget for training and nurturing this unique resource, knowing that any effort will always be an investment in yourself, your performance and your longevity?

To change the result, you must change the input. It all boils down to what you want, how important it is to you and what you are prepared to do to get it.

If you really want good results, you must sacrifice some of the things that have made you soft and overweight, and embrace things that will toughen and define your physique in the way nature designed it to be.

The results you get are always proportional to the changes you make. If you start walking and continue to walk, you will become fit enough to walk. But that’s it. However, if you push yourself on to a slow jog, and then to a run, there is no limit to how fit you will become, because you are constantly challenging yourself to improve.

This is not impossible to do within the corporate lifestyle model. There are thousands of top CEOs and business people who are doing it already.

When you realise that only you can cause a reaction in you, and others can’t, you improve your hardiness, your energy level and your impact!

Your body is your job, not someone else’s job.