Voice Skills

by Judy Apps

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Mastering blocking and stuttering: a cognitive approach to achieving fluency

Bob Bodenhammer, Crown House Publishing, 2004.

Bob Bodenhammer has had amazing results with people who stammer, and shares the fruit of his practice in this book.

Freeing the natural voice: imagery and art in the practice of voice and language

Kristin Linklater, published by Drama Publishers in 2006, 392 pages.

Kristen Linklater and her mentor, the celebrated voice coach Cecily Berry, understand voice better than anyone. The book, designed for actors, is highly detailed and technical, but very human too. She emphasises the use of imagination in developing your voice, and is an ardent believer in the power of the voice to express the whole person.

The actor speaks – voice and the performer

Patsy Rodenburg, Methuen Drama in 1998, 416 pages.

Book for actors, with comprehensive information on finding your centre, breathing, and everything to do with voice. Many exercises and practical tips from years of working with actors. Contains some good information for speakers in general.

My lessons with Kumi: how I learned to perform with confidence in life and work

Michael Colgrass, published by Grindar,Delozier Associates, US in 2000, 413 pages.

Highly recommended book told in story style, using many NLP techniques, plus Michael Colgrass’ vast experience as professional musician and actor. More on confidence to free up the whole body rather than voice as such, but extremely valuable for the voice.

Going public: practical guide to developing personal charisma

Hal Milton, published by Health Communications – Pages in 1996, 150 pages.

Very readable, with many helpful approaches for increasing confidence and authenticity. Again, not so much on voice, but rich in advice for freeing your approach and opening up, which greatly assists the voice.


Voice care

You can find useful information on voice care at the Voice Care Network website

Voice coaches

You can find a list of voice coaches in the UK at

You can also find some excellent speaking-voice coaches on the Natural Voice website, which is mainly aimed at singers.

Voice clinics

The British Voice Association has a list of Voice Clinics in the UK. See

They also have an interesting collection of articles on voice:

Speech therapists

The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice has a list of therapists grouped under areas in the UK.

Go to www.helpwithtalking.com

All ASLTIP therapists are certified members of The Royal College Of Speech and Language Therapists (Cert.MRCSLT) and are registered with the Health Professions Council.

The Voice Foundation has a useful section on how to tackle voice problems as well as other voice information. Go to www.voicefoundation.org


You can also contact the author directly. Judy Apps