by Arielle Essex

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The magic of rapport

Jerry Richardson, published by Meta Publications, US; Revised edition (24 Jul 2000).

This is an excellent and inspiring book about how to gain rapport and then use it to persuade another to your point of view. Full of tried and tested NLP techniques, it deals more with the practice of how to do things rather than the theories of why they work.

The art of connecting: how to overcome differences, build rapport and communicate effectively with anyone.

Claire Raines and Lara Ewing, published by AMACOM, 2006, 230 pages.

Easy to follow guidelines about how to become a ‘people person’. First find a point of similarity with someone; it doesn’t matter how different he or she seems to be compared with you, if you believe you can make a connection. Learn to listen carefully and then build on it to communicate. Lots of anecdotes from actual experience, and ideas for fostering communication and overcoming differences. Good for managers of diverse groups and others who want to learn to resolve conflicts.

Instant rapport

Michael Brooks, published by Time Warner International; Reprint edition (May 1990), 240 pages.

Discusses the concept of neurolinguistic programming, explains the role of nonverbal communication, and tells how to understand the way people think. Basically a starter for those interested in NLP and how to influence others. Explains the subject in easy to understand language.

The power of business rapport: use NLP techonology to make move money, sell yourself and your product, and move ahead in business

Michael Brooks, published by HarperBusiness (June 1992), 224 pages.

Expanded version of the book above, more specifically applied to business situations

Charisma: the art of relationships

Michael Grinder, published by Michael Grinder 2004; available from www.michaelgrinder.com

The Science of Nonverbal Communication. How to understand the Cats and Dogs in your life: the rich and full explanation of how to read non-verbal behaviour, using this intuitive metaphor. Full of practical, immediately applicable skills that will help you identify and adjust your strategies in moments, to be able to get the result you want.


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