by Cathy Dunn and Phil Allcock

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We have tried to provide a basic framework for innovation within these pages. If you want more there are many useful resources out there. There are, for example, a number of other topics that you could look at:


Against the odds – An autobiography

James Dyson, published by Texere Publishing, 2003, 320 pages

A highly informative, educational, entertaining and inspiring account of James Dyson’s long journey, hard work and determination, to bring his inventions to market

How to think like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven steps to genius every day

Michael J Gelb, published by Dell Publishing Company, 2000 , 336 pages

A book to help the reader unlock the ‘da Vincian’ genius inside us; Gelb discusses each of the seven critical principles that need to be followed for success

A guide to open innovation and crowdsourcing: Advice from leading experts in the field

Paul Sloan, published by Kogan Page, 2011, 232 pages

This book explains how to use the power of the internet to build and innovate in a way that never existed before!


You could google ‘Innovation’ and explore the thousands of links that come up.

But, as a starter, you might be interested in


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