Training Delivery

by Terry Wilkinson

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Many of the topics have relevance when delivering training, and especially the following

Body Language


Difficult People



Listening Skills


Questioning Skills


Storytelling for Business

Voice Skills


The inspirational trainer

Paul Z Jackson, published by Kogan Page, 2001, 201 pages.

An excellent guide to training for both the beginner and more experienced practitioner. It is particularly strong on the use of improvisational principles – freeing up both the trainer and their participants to concentrate on what matters: the learning.

It’s an easy, humorous read, with lots of practical tips that draw from sources as diverse as theatre, accelerated learning, sports, co-operative games and psychology.

Training with NLP

Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour, published by Thorsons, 1994, 289 pages.

Although the style is a little dry, this is still the classic book to read in order to discover how to bring the technology of NLP into the training room.

Tales for trainers

Margaret Parkin, published by Kogan Page, 1998, 178 pages.

An introduction to using stories, anecdotes, metaphors and poetry to give training programmes more impact. It includes 50 tales that trainers can read aloud and a matrix showing which tales can be used in a variety of training sessions, such as communication, leadership and problem-solving.

101 ways to make training active

Mel Silberman, published by Pfeiffer Wiley, 2005, 336 pages.

Lots of activities and tips, and advice on when to use them. This is a real treasure trove of things that a trainer can use: everything from tips on how to remember names to activities to keep a group engaged, even with boring subjects. Most of the activities are described in a way that makes them adaptable to almost any subject.


Provides very reasonably priced training resources for a wide range of topics. There is also some useful free material which includes energisers, icebreakers and training games.


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