Stress Management

by Helen Whitten

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Any of the following topics are relevant to managing stress, so you may want to cross-reference as each topic will build resilience to stress:


Learned optimism: how to change your mind and your life

Martin Seligman, published by Vitange books USA, reprint edition March 2006, 336 pages.

Seligman has done extensive research into the personal and business benefits of optimism. Basing his methods on CBT, he demonstrates that people can learn to be optimistic and that the benefits go from increased sales to increasing your lifespan by seven or more years...

Emotional blackmail: when the people in your life use fear, obligation and guilt to manipulate you

Susan Forward and Donna Frazier, published by HarperCollins Publishers, March 1998, 272 pages.

A brilliant analysis of those who are ace at emotional manipulation and blackmail – often a cause of stress - and how to manage them.

Happiness now! Timeless wisdom for feeling good fast

Robert Holden, published by Hay House, October 2007, 320 pages.

Brilliant focus on happiness and how to achieve it in all areas of your life

Balancing work and life (essential managers)

Robert Holden and Ben Renshaw, published by Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, April 2002, 72 pages.

Snappy guide to work-life balance with illustrations and tips

The power of now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle, published by Mobius, February 2001, 224 pages.

One of the greatest ways to manage stress is to focus on the now, be in the moment. Much of our stress is imagined and the scenarios we create in our minds may never happen. Focus on the now and deal with what is... a definite stress reliever.

Fish! A remarkable way to boost morale and improve results

Stephen C Lundin, Harry Paul, John Christensen, published by Hyperion Books, August 2003 (DVD edition), 110 pages.

If you can be happy and motivated gutting fish, then you can find a way to be motivated anywhere. An uplifting and meaningful metaphor taken from a real situation, this has transformed departments in many organisations.

Conquer your stress (management shapers)

Cary L Cooper and Stephen Palmer, published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, March 2000, 96 pages.

Professor Stephen Palmer is one of the experts on stress. A prolific writer, he always captures the key issues that need to be managed and explains how to do it.

Age matters: employing, motivating and managing older employees

Keren Smedley and Helen Whitten, publshed by Gower Publishing Ltd, September 2006, 351 pages.

This provides you with a comprehensive, innovative and positive approach to recent changes in the regulations and in demography. The authors explain the advantages and disadvantages of the 2006 legislation and its effect on current retirement practices. Packed with statistics and perspectives on the ageing workforce (in the UK, EU and countries around the world), the book includes practical advice, models, exercises and training activities to help establish an appropriate response for your organisation.

Future directions

Diane Carrington and Helen Whitten, published by Network Educational Press Ltd, January 2006, 192 pages.

This practical resource book is designed primarily for teachers, but will be of value and interest to anyone whose task is to guide young people through the period of transition from childhood to adult.

Your mind at work, developing self-knowledge for business success

Richard Israel, Helen Whitten and Cliff Shaffran, Published by Kogan Page, January 2000, 241 pages.

Self-knowledge is considered essential for the development of high performance. This book of exercises and quizzes aims to guide the reader on the road to self-knowledge for business success.

The feeling good handbook

David Burns, published by Plume US, January 2000, 768 pages.

A best-selling book applying CBT to everyday problems so that people can learn tools and techniques to feel good within a demanding life

Counselling for stress problems

Stephen Palmer and Windy Dryden, published by Sage Publications Ltd, December 1994, 262 pages.

An excellent comprehensive book covering all aspects of stress and how to manage it; clearly laid out and full of solutions and information


Launching yourself interactive programme (CD-ROM)

A unique programme to support young people making the transition from education into the adult world

Help yourself to a better life (CD-ROM)

7-step work+life balance programme by Helen Whitten

How to survive life positively (CD)

Audio programme on stress management and positive thinking by Helen Whitten

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