Managing Upwards

by Ian Saunders

Encourage your staff to manage you

Having worked through this topic and discovered how to manage your own boss, you will be delighted to enable your staff to lead and manage you!

Allow yourself time to consider the following questions:

  1. Do you allow your staff enough time to find out about you?
  2. Do you allow your staff enough space to do things their own way?
  3. How much risk do you take when it comes to allowing your staff to take on new projects?
  4. Do you disclose and seek feedback about yourself so that your staff can ‘really’ know you?
  5. Do you seek out challenging projects and opportunities for your staff and delight when they successfully complete them?
  6. Are you truly comfortable as your most able staff ‘accelerate past you’ in the hierarchy?
Key action

Make sure that your staff have time and access to find out what they need about you!

Think of other questions that indicate how well you enable your staff to know you, get the best opportunities and flourish under your leadership.

And finally...

Do you listen and share enough?