Women in Management

by Rita Bailey


We are coming down from our pedestal and up from the laundry room.

Bella Abzug

What is so important about women in management?

Are we not all equal anyway?

Women in management know that, somewhere on their career ladder, they are likely to find their way blocked by the infamous glass ceiling. So identifying and planning for the next step up means they will have to raise their game.

Are you a woman working in management?

  • Have you been thinking of breaking through to the next level or attempting to do so?
  • Maybe you are ready to move on but don’t know how to do this?
  • Are you a junior manager considering what your next step should be?
  • Are you a middle manager, with a wealth of experience, but needing support to position yourself for future opportunities?
  • Maybe you’re a senior manager with a solid track record as an expert, but you still can’t get that elusive executive or non-executive directorship role?

This topic focuses on female managers, at all organisational levels, who are proactively seeking advancement within their own organisations. It will support you with tips and strategies to facilitate your progress, no matter where you are currently. Specifically, it is tailored for women in management who want to break through to the next logical level of their career.

No matter how daunting it may seem, with the right strategies, breakthrough is possible and this topic will show you how.