by Melanie Greene

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Coaching Yourself

Combining this topic on Learning with the one on Coaching Yourself will assist you in developing yourself to the full.


Understanding the learning process will enable you to be a better coach.


The quality of the feedback you give and that you ask for will greatly affect the amount you and others learn and develop.

Training - Making it Pay


Listening Skills

Questioning skills


The learning styles questionnaire

Peter Honey, published by Peter Honey Publications, 2006, 70 pages

Your training and development or HR department might have this. It contains the Learning Styles Questionnaire that you can complete along with some exercises to build on the ones covered in this Section.

NLP for lazy learning

Diana Beaver, published by Element, 1998, 208 pages

This book explores what goes on within your mind that helps or hinders your learning. It includes some Tricks of the Trade, and interviews finding out how various famous people, including Sir John Harvey-Jones and Terrence Stamp, learned to do what they do.

Head first

Tony Buzan, published by Thorsons, 2000, 256 pages

It is now recognised that people don’t just have an IQ, or even an EQ, but that we use multiple intelligences. Understanding your own preferred mode of intelligence can speed up the learning process. This highly interactive and practical book covers ten different intelligences and what you can do to use them to maximise your learning and your ‘natural genius’.


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