Intuition in Business

by Angela O’Connell and Pat Naylor

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Creative Thinking

Intuition has been described as the spark that ignites creative thought


Memory is another function of the brain and nervous system that we use every day, but don’t really yet understand.

Problem Solving

Intuition goes hand in hand with problem solving, so improving one will improve the other.

Body Language

This topic tells you about those micro-movements that may tell you a lot about someone without your being consciously aware of it.



Malcolm Gladwell, published by Penguin (UK), 2005, 254 pages

This book is about knowing without knowing why. Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, explores ‘the snap judgement or decision’. He explains how this can be more effective than being cautious.

The hidden intelligence

Sandra Weintraub, published by Butterworth Heinemann (US), 1998, 337 pages

Weintraub interviews Fortune 500 company executives and start up entrepreneurs to determine the part intuition plays in their success.

The luck factor

Dr Richard Wiseman, published by Hyperion (US), 2003, 209 pages

Wiseman has scientifically studied the behaviours of lucky and unlucky people and identified the Four Essential Principles of how to be lucky. One of the principles is about that lucky people make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings.

The power of intuition

Gary Klein, published by Currency (US), 2004, 352 pages

Klein reveals the critical role intuition plays in business decision-making and explains how anyone at any level can develop the intuitive skills that lead to success.


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