Communicating Change

by Rus Slater

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Project Management

You will probably want to use Project Management disciplines with your change project, since No 5 of the list of ‘Worst change practices was a ‘Failure to plan’!

Internal Communications

Reading through this will help, especially if your organisation doesn’t currently have much by way of formal internal communications.

Emotional Intelligence

Most of the rejection of change and the feelings of fear that change creates can be addressed, or at least empathised with, by the use of some emotional intelligence.


Communicating change: winning employee support for new business goals

T J Larkin and Sandar Larkin, McGraw Hill, 1994, 252 pages

This book is packed with great practical tips that have been proven in the real world.

What works: a decade of change at Champion International

Richard Ault, Richard Walton and Mark Childers. 1998, 181 pages

A fascinating, decade-long journey charting the transformation of a mediocre company into a team-based top competitor.


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