Women in Management

by Rita Bailey

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The girl’s guide to being a boss (without being a bitch): Valuable lessons, smart suggestions and true stories for succeeding as the chick-in-charge

Caitlin Friedman, published by Random House, April 2006, 240 pages

An entertaining and useful guidebook for today’s working woman. Helps the readers to identify their leadership style through quizzes, personal anecdotes and interviews.

America’s competitive secret: women managers

Judy B Rosener, published by OUP USA, March 1998, 256 pages

According to the author, America’s competitive secret is the large number of well educated. experienced professional women ready, willing and able to move into the boardrooms and executive suites of corporate America. Using interviews, research and profiles, this book offers compelling evidence that removing the glass ceiling can no longer be viewed solely in terms of social equality – it is now an economic imperative.

Nice girls don’t get the corner office: 101 unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers

Lois P Frankel, published by Business Plus (reprint), September 2010, 288 pages

The author describes a unique set of behaviours – 101 in all – that women learn as girls that sabotage them as adults. This guide offers invaluable coaching tips which can be incorporated easily into social and business skills to help the reader be identified as someone with the power and know-how to occupy that corner office.

Play like a man, win like a woman: what men know about success that women need to learn

Gail Evans, published by Broadway US (reprint), October 2001, 191 pages

The author reveals insights into the ‘old boy network’, arming women with the tools needed to succeed in a man’s world.

21 ways women in management shoot themselves in the foot

John M McKee, published by Wheatmark, June 2006, 132 pages

This book presents specific, practical tactics to help women rise to the top by navigating gender bias (it still exists), avoiding common sabotaging habits and taking control of their career.


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