Spiritual Intelligence

by Cindy Wigglesworth

Spiritual intelligence in the world

Now that you are familiar with the concept of spiritual intelligence, you understand that developing your own SQ will not only benefit you as a leader, but also will benefit your company, your family and your community.

What can SQ do for business, for society and for the planet?

  Key message

Spiritual Intelligence is not naïve. It is the ultimate practical balance of thinking, feeling and doing the right thing in highly complex – and even chaotic – situations.


In addition to SQ’s implications for leadership development, the faith-neutral, competency-based language of spiritual intelligence opens the door of possibility for people to have acceptable ‘spiritual’ discussions in the workplace.

Hopefully, this will lead to explicit support for SQ development in organisations – and, ultimately, to more meaningful work, improved products and services and responsible corporate behaviour.


In the larger human context, using the language of spiritual intelligence and developing SQ competencies may contribute to peace on our planet.

Differences in religious beliefs have often divided humanity, created injustices and caused war. SQ proves a language that enables us to discuss spiritual concepts without being limited to the language of any one faith tradition. With clear definitions (showing synonyms from many belief systems), we can help to create understanding among all peoples.

As spiritual intelligence develops, we expand our sense of connectedness with all people, moving from an ‘us versus them’ orientation to an ‘all of us’ orientation and an appreciation for (rather than a hatred or tolerance of) diversity. This leads to productive rather than destructive approaches to conflict.

In the end, we humans are alike in our sufferings, our hopes and our joys. We are all striving to reach the same goals: peace, prosperity and love. Perhaps, with a more neutral language for SQ, we can more readily see our commonality and work together to create a better world for all.


At the highest levels of spiritual development, we experience a sense of oneness – not only with all people, but with all living things, the planet and indeed the entire universe. This sense of oneness can lead to a desire to care for the whole.

Our great grandchildren and their great grand children will thank us or blame us for the things we did – or failed to do.