Sales Skills

by Jeremy Cassell and Tom Bird


Selling is a critical skill in a whole range of business scenarios. Organisations rely on people being able to sell. If you do not have sufficient people in any business who can sell, the business will quite simply not survive.

You need to know the basics of selling if you are

  • Either new to sales or experienced in selling and want to benchmark yourself against current ‘best practice’
  • Thinking of moving into sales
  • A sales manager
  • Supporting the sales process (perhaps in a technical role)
  • Influencing internally in a big corporate or SME
  • A buyer in any organisation
  • Running or want to run your own business
  • At the top of the tree and want to know what your salespeople should be doing.

You may also be selling to different types of customer in different markets and in different ways...

  • Business to Business’ or ‘Business to Consumer’
  • Selling a product or service – commodity or bespoke
  • Selling directly to end-users or via a distribution network
  • Selling face to face, online, via the telephone or some combination of these
  • Selling to internal colleagues and other departments.

The sales function is the lifeblood of any business. Dip into this section in the areas of specific interest and find out the principles, tools and processes that underpin successful salespeople from all backgrounds and industry sectors.