by Phil Manington

Coaching new managers

Coaching new managers to delegate involves the same skills as coaching them to take on or improve any skill. Coaching is itself a key element of successful delegation, so you need to be good at it yourself. Use the Coaching topic to help you improve your own skills.

Each individual is different. Ask yourself which particular areas you need to focus on with each individual.

  • Are they reluctant to try?
  • Are they willing to delegate but don’t know how to go about it?
  • Do they believe delegating is a bad idea?

Once you have discussed their issues with them, you can agree a plan for development.

Make sure that whoever you are coaching understands how critical delegating will be to their success. Refer them to Why is delegation so important? and build delegation into the criteria by which their performance is measured.

Finally, make sure you are a good role model by practising what you preach.