Interviewing - Successful Selection

by Jane Tredgett

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Body language

It is useful to understand body language to appreciate what interviewers are really saying.


Like many other topics around communication, being an effective listener is vital to help you answer the questions appropriately.


There is some overlap between these two topics and there are more hints and tips to be gained by reading both.

Questioning skills

Good questions are a major aspect of interviewing – better quality questions generally mean better selected applicants!


In order to put the candidate at ease and to get the best opportunity to find out what they are really like, you need rapport.


Essential managers series. Interviewing skills

Tim Hindle, published by Dorling Kindersley in 1997, 72 pages

This is a handy, short, to the point and practical guide on how to conduct interviews. It is easy read, covers all the key points and has some good visuals on what to do and not do. Although it is geared at the Interviewer, it does give the interviewee a good perspective.


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