Violence and Agression

by Darren Good and Liz Hudson

Introduction to physical defence

In an ideal world, a conflict situation would never be allowed to escalate to such a level that it becomes necessary for you to have to physically defend yourself. However, should the occasion arise, the next few pages will take you through several of the most simple yet effective ways to help you do so.

The fence


Zoning out

Breakaway from a single-handed grip

Breakaway from a double-handed grip

Breakaway from a fire hose grip

Breakaway from a strangle

In terms of learning these techniques, the best thing you can do is to physically practise them with a partner. Alternatively, go through the motions on your own and also visualise them.

Learning a few basic but solid self-defence principles can be invaluable if a situation escalates past your control.


The first thing you should always try to do is escape.