Interviewing - Getting That Job

by Jane Tredgett

The qualities of a good interviewee

How effective an interview is depends on how good the interviewer is at structuring the session and posing questions and how good the interviewee is at answering the questions.

A good interviewee will be

  • Well prepared (see Preparation)
  • Reasonably confident
  • Enthusiastic and positive about the company and role
  • Well presented in terms of dress (try and dress one or two levels higher than the job would require)
  • Good at listening to what is being said
  • Unhurried, but not too laid back
  • Observant – perhaps at picking up visual clues that the interviewer wants you to wrap up a particular answer
  • Concise with giving answers
  • Good at presenting their achievements
  • Polite
  • Punctual
  • Non-defensive
  • Calm and assertive.

Score yourself out of ten on each of the qualities listed above to help you to recognise your skills and also to identify key areas for further development.